📝 Advice, tips & tricks when creating or editing a documentation topic

The goal of Sky Oddities documentation is primarily to be understandable for all, like the simple version of Wikipedia, while also having more complex description of atmospheric phenomena.

While presenting a phenomenon, don’t be too verbose and avoid highly technical terms at first. However, more in-depth explanations are also welcome for those who want to know better about these phenomena!

This additional information will be added in a togglable section. To do so, click the cog in the toolbar, then Hide details:

It will add this template (replace the default text “Summary” with “More detailed information”):

[details="More detailed information"]
Add here all the more detailed information you want, as well as media.

It will show this:

More detailed information

Add here all the more detailed information you want, as well as media.

Put media (images, videos, etc) credits if required. Use the following template and put it under your images:

<small>*Author, other information, license if needed*</small>

It will be displayed like this:
Author, other information, license…

If your topic contains multiple images, the first image will be chosen by default to be the thumbnail on the topic list.
If you want to choose another image as your topic thumbnail, but keep the order of your images as it is, click the pencil :pencil2: next to your post title:


Then click Select thumbnail and validate :ballot_box_with_check: :

Thanks for helping write our documentation!

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