What is Sky Oddities?

Sky Oddities is a website dedicated to atmospheric phenomena, a lot of them being an incredible spectacle to the eyes though most of them are unknown to many people.

Some of the phenomena described and pictured here are quite frequent, (more frequent than the well-known rainbows, for example), other are once in a lifetime sights.

And, certainly, some haven’t been discovered yet. :slight_smile:

As a good example, you can take a walk to the #ice-halos category and see what amazing things can appear in the sky.

Sky Oddities is a community platform by and for all, whether you’re just curious and want to learn more about these phenomena, or an amateur or even an expert who wants to share their pictures, media, and knowledge about these.

The primary goal for the website is to be “easy” in most aspects.

  • Easy to read
  • Easy to register
  • Easy to contribute
  • Easy to share

Although in-depth explanations are available in the #documentation, that’s not the primary goal of Sky Oddities.

:information_source: Every topic in the #documentation is a wiki, which means anyone can edit them to fix mistakes or add information. Feel free to contribute at will!